Adakah Benar?

How much i love him? How mch he loves me? I love him,as much i love myself.... And i do love him than i love myself.... Allah.... Please help me..! Aku dah bersabar... But what im supposed to do right now?
I have no choice,his only i have to choose.... I hope one day,he'll understand... If not,i will try to forget everything..... He said,he doing all this for me.. And had a reason for everything he do right now.....
I saw some poem.... And,did he maybe feel like this..?

I Loved you once I love u still
I always have I always will
I'm sorry that i hurt u bad
I always think of what we had
I cry sometimes thinking you
No1 Eva made me smile the way you do
I have no one to blame but myself
I Neva new Thought I cud have sum like yourself
I had u in my arms and it felt so right
Y did we have to go and fight
Loving u was the best thing ever
I fort that wed be together forever
U was the best thing in my life
I loved calling you my wife
These last few months ave been the best
So much beta than all the rest
Why did I leave you
When I love you like I do
Being with you was like a dream come true
There wasn't a thing I wouldnt do for you
From the day u said yes
I always tried to impress
Wen we were over u said my love was fake
No it wasn't I just needed a break
Why did you question if I care
You No that no one else could compare
I didnt realise how much I needed you
Until me and you were through
I made big mistake please forgive me
Without you my life cannot be....

is it true? Well,nobody knows.

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