♚ Rosemila Muhammad ♚

my name Rosmila Otu Mohd.
but i rename as Rosemila Muhammad. because i think,i kinda  that name :)
i'm 18 going 19 this 2011 may :) i always taken. even i said,i wasn't the people
wont believe me. dont know why,kinda weird isn't?
i'm a fashion lover,a craziest lover & a sexiest novelist lover. 
i'm a passionate writer,motivated for myself and the others who can accept mine 
my favorite blogger in malaysia Hanis Zalikha. besides she's gorgeous,she are the coolest blogger most fashionista ever 
inspiring me to be an author is the novelist 
and inspiring me are my favorite novelist Bikash Nur Idris & Eizda Amani 
i'm good in writing. that's my real talent since i was a child till now growing up 
love you mostly.
by rosemila muhammad

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