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Ella nampaknya bercita2 lebih tggi kali nie.. Bknnya bercita2 apa...
Ella bercita2 nak memiliki 2 barang yg paling ella nak miliki sejak azali lg...
Sejak lahir kedunia... Hehehee.... Ella,u nak apa sebenarnya??
Ella nak own camera ella sendiri... 1st ella nak Nikon ds5100...! Alangkah,indahnya dunia jikalau ella blh memiliki camera nie,confirm seperti ella sedang menakluki dunia... Hihiii...

Nah ni dia...!

Hehee... Price camera ni ella dah check,around RM2500 la.. Huhh! Lepas tu ella nak beli laptop vaio kaler red.... Feveret ella tue! Huhuu..

Okay.. Laptop biasalah,mcm2 series ada. Ntah pape ja smpai pening kpala ni nak pilih yg mana 1.. If price yg low,confirm la kita nak angkut kan... Tapi klu device dia xbaik mcm other series mcm na? So kena compare la kelebihan yg ada & xda dlm sesebuah laptop tu... Okay,Vaio laptop ni ada C,E,F,S,L,Y,Z series.. D bawah ella explain kan kelebihan laptop setiap series... Tp ella copy and paste je sbnrnya... Pemalas,kan? Hihii..

For Z series :

The ultimate in power and portability, this ultra-thin notebook packs amazing performance including SSD for speed, Intel® Core™ i7 Processor for performance, and Full HD LCD, into a lightweight robust body. Plus the Power Media Dock™ offers additional benefits of AMD Radeon™ graphics and Blu-ray Disc™ recording, with a single connector. Models are available with and without the Power Media Dock™ for the variety of usage.

For S series :

VAIO S Series is the perfectly balanced mobile PC. It’s thin, light, and highly mobile in a 13.3 inch size you’ll enjoy taking around everyday. In terms of design, functions, performance, and usability, everything about it is designed for mobility. VAIO S Series is power in motion — see where it can take you.

For Y series :

VAIO Y Series is a mobile PC with 11.6-inch high-resolution screen and selectable Intel or AMD processor for comfortable use, whether for business or private. And it's light and compact enough to take with you for on-site jobs or off hours. Enjoy your free time or boost your productivity with the handy VAIO Y Series, and satisfaction is always within reach.

For C series :

VAIO C Series is a notebook PC that brightens up your life with premium design including vivid colours based on a new light-emitting material. The high-resolution screen, 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family and high performance GPU with 1GB VRAM provide ample power for everyday use. Count on VAIO C Series to stand out and get you noticed.

For E series :

VAIO E Series is available with a variety of processors, screen sizes and colours to meet your diverse needs and fit right into a variety of usage scenes. Its noble design with a truss patterned texture adds a unique aura and matches any user scenario.

For F series :

VAIO F Series combines the latest Intel CPU and the latest NVIDIA® GPU with CUDA™ technology for high-speed processing and top-notch graphics. Enjoy AV entertainment and smooth content creation with top-notch performance and large screen.

And for L series :

VAIO L Series is the ideal all-in-one PC that brings together intuitive multi-touch operation and broad access to HD entertainment in a space-saving slim profile. The 24-inch screen boasts a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display for a totally satisfying HD entertainment.

Utk harganya,dun worry! Im a help u out! Hehe... Pricenya dr RM1000++ to 8000++ ... So,hope u guys dpt info sedikit sbyk tntg laptop yg korang nak beli nanti.... Rancang perbelanjaan anda,save ur budget! Xoxo reader...

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