Regine velasquez-Already gone and Jaya-Halo on Party Pilipinas

Adorable Regine Velasquez...
sing with Jaya...
Jaya sing a song halo by Beyonce.... And Regine sing already gone song
by Kelly Clarkson....(which is my favoite part)
Regine doing a really good job on this time..... Before this show,she
sing already gone song 2 on other show.... But that time it doesn't
impress me.. But in this show,she
challenge herself for making duet with
Jaya but with a different songs...... I'm addicted to saw this video.....!
xOxO guys 'n' gurls.... :)

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sila2 lah komen ek..
sudi2 lah,kerana dirimu...begitu berharga !! ^^

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